Design and manufacturing of fibre optic transmission equipment

IFOTEC designs and manufactures fibre optic transmission equipment for all types of signals (video, audio, Ethernet, RF, xDSL...).

IFOTEC solutions cover three areas :

  • Broadband access with neutral xDSL extension and FTTH Point to Point solutions
  • RF extension, from radion, TV, to radars
  • Data, audio and video data, audio and video transmission for transportation networks (airports, ports, tunnels, railways and highways), surveillance of towns and harsh environment security (industry, energy production, Defence)

Discover below our multi-sector expertise !

Triple play broadband and FTTH access

Triple play for all with DSLFibre solution, FTTH access, radio extension for mobile TV, DTT, GSM/UMTS...

Towns / Local authority networks

Video surveillance, traffic lights, access control, town planning...

Highways / Dual carriageways /Tunnels

Traffic surveillance, electronic display panels, audio extension, coverage extension of radio and telecom services...

Rail / Public transport

Video surveillance, audio diffusion, telephone extension, data, GSM/UMTS coverage extension...

Defence / Airports / Ports

Data, telephone, audio, RF transmissions, radar extension, video surveillance, networks security...

Energy / Industry / Research

Security of hazardous sites, remote control, remote control robot, sensors extension...
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