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New Ethernet product! :

IFOTEC introduces a new Ethernet hub lines switch, 10 ports,  for various applications.

HDD/HXD-2TG8X series

A solution designed and produced in France for transport, security and broadband access.



Managed Gigabit Ethernet switch compatible with singlemode and multimode fibres of level 2.  


Main applications

This equipment is designed to operate in outdoor cabinet and in harsh or industrial environment.

It can be used for various applications :

- Videosurveillance over IP

- Extending Ethernet network

- Broadband access

- Sensor network 

Operating principle

This 10-port Ethernet switch associated with IFOTEC media converters allows to concentrate signals from Ethernet links (IP cameras, subscriber CPE, ...) over optical fibre.

The switch is equipped with 2 combo ports Gigabit Ethernet copper / fiber for connection to the networks (WAN) and 8-port 100Base-BX compatible with IFOTEC media converters, switches and CPEFibre.

The Gigabit link allows to connect 8 or 9 Fast Ethernet equipment like the media converters HXDF 318190 without contention.

The WAN access is ensured by SFP, Gigabit or Fast Ethernet optical modules and 10/100/1000Base-TX copper ports, which enables to interconnect with any type of equipment.

The second Gigabit Ethernet port offers several possibilities:

  • Stacking switches to concentrate up to tens 100Base-BX  Ethernet accesses
  • To connect to the network via switches / routers Gigabit
  • To integrate into a secure loop (RSTP)



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