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DSLFibre-24+ series

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The triple play broadband access everywhere. 24 xDSL channels extension over optical fibre

This system is not a DSLAM but a way of extending the reach of existing DSLAMs and service the cabinets without any discrimination and without any extra charges for all the operators’ services present at the central office.

The DSLFibre solution maintains unbundling to the central office.

  • 24 signals ADSL, ADSL2+ or SHDSL and up to 144 signals over one single optical fibre thanks to the CWDM technology.
  • Each channel can indifferently extend ADSL, ADSL2+ or SHDSL signals without reconfiguration of the module.
  • Independant lines, maximum bit rate available, no contention
  • Copper wire area covered, around the remote equipment, similar to the one covered directly by the DSLAM
  • No installation settings, does not require any software maintenance
  • Compatible with line powering supplied through existing telephon pairs.
  • No maintenance during 10 years
  • Supervision by SNMP and dry contacts

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