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HDD / HXD 8 x E1 series

photo of 8 E1 links in 19''1U rack version - None contractual photo

photo of

8x E1 / 2 Mbits/s links extension over singlemode optical fibre compliant with ITU G.703 & G.823 standards. HDB3 compatible

These modules transmit 2 Mbits/s data over 1 or 2 singlemode fibres even in an electronically disturbed environment, up to 40 km.

This equipment has been designed specifically for E1 extension : PABX extension, private lines, cellular networks.

  • Very low values of jitter and error rates
  • Presence signal and detection of SIA signal for each E1 channel
  • Power supply access 230 VAC or -48VDC
  • SNMP supervision

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