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HMV-4V series

photo of HMV-4V - Stand alone housing - front panel view

4-video transmission with contact terminal over single optical fibre, up to 70 km.

HMV-4V series are especially designed to transmit all video signals over single optical fibre that are necessary for a correct use of 4 fixed analog cameras.This equipment has been specifically designed for videosurveillance networks, industrial or hazardous sites.

• Transmission up to 1 or 5 km over multimode fibre and up to 70 km over singlemode fibre

• High quality : 10-bit Digital Video

• One unidirectional contact terminal for the alarm signal transmission (video direction)

• A circuit allows to compensate automatically for the cables losses in entry of optical

• Stand alone housing compatible Din rail mounting

Upon request :

• Distance > 70 km over singlemode

• Supervision of modules

• CWDM multiplexing over a single optical fibre allowing insertion on the network from 1 to 128 video signals and the signals multiplexing with other applications

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