• Very high-speed broadband subscriber access over optical fibre
  • Neutral access to all the services of all the operators present on the territory
  • Fast Ethernet managed switch 5 ports including 1 optical port
  • Two connection fibre management in the housing (fibre coiling, splices)
  • Interchangeable active module (professional Gigabit evolution or other)
  • Design housing


The CPEFibre Ethernet module includes 10/100Base-BX optical fibre access and 4 100Base-TX ports, It allows to connect 1 to 4 IP equipment to an Ethernet network, via 1 single mode fibre up to 30km.

The CPEFibre offers FTTx multiservice access. It is remotely configurable via its optical port. Each port can be separately controlled using layer 2 Ethernet functions (VLANs).

The CPEFibre are delivered with a 230 VAC / 12VDC power converter.

Modular conception

The CPEFibre IFOTEC has got a modular design. It can be put on a flat surface or hung / fixed vertically.

It is composed of three independent parts:

  • The plinth to connect a cable with two optical fibres (fibre coiling)
  • The network activation card (Ethernet switch)
  • The translucent cover providing the operating indications of the module
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  • VLAN configuration, QoS management and bit rate control.
  • IGMP Snooping V1/V2 for flow management
  • Automatic loading of configuration via DHCP options
  • Supervision by web server and TELNET + functions of monitoring via SNMP (bit rate, link state, temperature)
  • Configuration file management (by web page and TFTP)
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Fiche technique

Version française

Gamme CPEFibre

Présentation de la gamme CPEFibre - Accès THD multi opérateurs, multiservices

Solution CPEFibre FTTO

Solution très haut débit pour mutualiser l'accès fibre sur les ZAC


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Product and accesory references

Product references
Reference Version Optical connector Network access Qt.
CPEFibre-F4E-100 Activated copper ports 1 x SC/PC (1X9) Without patchcord
CPEFibre-F4E-200 Deactivated copper ports 1 x SC/PC (1X9) Without patchcord
Other configurations are possible with other product references: cf. technical sheet
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