• Very high-speed broadband subscriber access over optical fibre
  • Advanced hardware and software for professional applications
  • Neutral access to all the services of all the operators present on the territory
  • Fast Ethernet managed switch 5 ports including 1 optical port
  • Two connection fibre management in the housing (fibre coiling, splices)
  • Interchangeable active module (professional Gigabit)


The CPEFibre Ethernet module includes 1000Base-BX optical fibre access and 4 10/100/1000Base-TX ports, It allows to connect 1 to 4 IP equipment to an Ethernet network, via 1 single mode fibre up to 15 km.

It has advanced hardware and software for professional applications.

Two configurations are available, either activated copper ports or desactivated copper ports for full control over the fibre optic network for client access.

The CPEFibre offers FTTx multiservice and multi-operator accesses. It is remotely configurable via its optical port. Each port can be separately controlled using layer 2 Ethernet functions (VLANs).

The CPEFibre are delivered with a 230 VAC / 12VDC power converter.

Modular conception

The CPEFibre IFOTEC has got a modular design. It can be put on a flat surface or hung / fixed vertically.

It is composed of three independent parts:

  • The plinth to connect a cable with two optical fibres (fibre coiling)
  • The network activation card (Ethernet switch)
  • The translucent cover providing the operating indications of the module
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  • VLAN configuration, QoS management and bit rate control.
  • IGMP Snooping V1/V2 for flow management
  • Automatic loading of configuration via DHCP options
  • Supervision by web server and TELNET + functions of monitoring via SNMP (bit rate, link state, temperature)
  • Configuration file management (by web page and TFTP)
  • Professional software features (Selective QinQ …)
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Fiche technique

Version française

Solution CPEFibre

Présentation de la gamme CPEFibre - Accès THD multi opérateurs, multiservices

Solution FTTO pour ZAC

Solution très haut débit pour mutualiser l'accès fibre sur les ZAC


English version - Please consult us

Product and accesory references

Product references
Reference Version Optical connector Patchcord Qt.
CPEFibre-G4G-300 Activated copper ports 1 x SC/PC (1X9) Without fibre patch cord
CPEFibre-G4G-320 Activated copper ports 1 x SFP cage with 1 optical module / 1 OF (BX-U) - LC/PC Without fibre patch cord
CPEFibre-G4G-321 Activated copper ports 1 x SFP cage SC/PC fibre patch cord
CPEFibre-G4G-400 Desactivated copper ports 1 x SC/PC (1X9) Without fibre patch cord
CPEFibre-G4G-420 Desactivated copper ports 1 x SFP cage with 1 optical module / 1 OF (BX-U) - LC/PC Without fibre patch cord
Other configurations are possible with other product references: cf. technical sheet
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