• Management tool connected via an Ethernet FTTH network
  • Allows controlled operation of public lighting cabinets
  • Allows the management of other equipment and services in the area
  • Equipped with required inputs and outputs for cabinet management
  • SNMP feedback interface (measurements, alarms)
  • Management of commande control functions by web page
  • Connection to the network or to IP devices via Ethernet access
  • Internal battery in case of power failure


IFOTEC GTCFibre series modules allow to connect applications to an Ethernet network for remote control.

This version is particularly dedicated to the centralized management of public lighting cabinets and equipment.

Ethernet access to network connection

Five switched Ethernet ports are available to connect equipment to the network or IP devices:

  • 1 optical port by SFP (SFP 100/1000Base-BX-U recommended)
  • 2  10/100/1000Base-TX ports
  • 2  10/100Base-TX POE+ ports

Power supply

The equipment is powered by mains and allows the energy management of the premises:

  • Specific interface to collect the data from power supply meters
  • Internal sensor to measure the local power supply (voltage, current, active/reactive power, harmonics…)

 Many inputs-outputs of command control:

  • 10 opto-isolated Contact Closure inputs
  • 1 isolated 0-60V analog input
  • 1 analog 4-20mA input
  • 1 input for an analog temperature sensor (included)
  • 1 input for a temperature & humidity sensor (included)
  • 5 opto-isolated Contact Closure outputs
  • 1 output for individual control of light points (DALI protocol)
  • 2 isolated 0-10V analog inputs
  • 2 RS232/RS422/RS485 serial ports
  • 1 interface port for radio communication module
  • 1 USB console port

Remote control power supply:

  • 3 power applications on the mains (230 VAC)

Internal battery

This product is powered by 230VAC, but in case of power failure, it can also be powered by an internal battery to keep the central unit functional.

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Main features


  • Measurements: Electrical network and environment (temperature and humidity sensors or other sensors), remote reading of the meters
  • Control: Timed or real-time triggering of events ( PLC – programmable logic controller – remotely controlled via supervision software)
  • Security: Camera connection and intrusion detection means; internal battery for remote diagnosis in case of power failure
  • Record settings: Locally on two weeks, on server by network connectivity, analysis software over 10 years and more history data
  • Very high speed connectivity: Optical fibre network access for digital development of territory , from Wi-FI hotspot to the video surveillance camera


  • Better synchronization of lighting
  • Flexibility of operation
  • Energy management: 15 to 20% savings through better management
  • Easy maintenance: Remote diagnosis (web page) even after a power failure (internal battery)
  • Very hight speed access node : Thanks the GTCFibre module optical port, the public lighting cabinet become the key point of digital development of territory, both for broadband coverage (radio hotspot) and security (video surveillance cameras) or environmental control (sensors).
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Management and operating software

The management of the equipment can be ensured by web server, it is also compatible with the SNMP and Syslog protocols.

The IFONET software dedicated to GTCFibre allows to exploit all the features of all units present on a territory (individually and in groups,).

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The device are perfectly adapted to be installed in public lighting cabinet and are delivered with an analog probe (ref: GTCSonde-ANA-T)

The GTCFibre can be fixed on a DIN rail for mounting on an electrical panel on 12 modules of width.

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English version

Présentation de la solution GTCFibre EP

Version française

Product and accesory references

Product references
Reference Designation Power supply Connector Qt.
GTCFibre-G4R-104 Centralized technical management module 230 VAC and internal battery Depending on SFP used
Reference Designation Power supply Connector Qt.
GTCSonde-NUM-T+HR Relative humidity and temperature sensor deported via digital bus By the module GTCFIBRE, digital sensor access RJ22
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