• Ethernet link concentration - Multi-application switch for harsh environments
  • 2 Gigabit combo ports : copper ports or optical SFP ports
  • 8 optical ports: 100Base-FX (2 OF) or 100Base-BX-D (1 OF)
  • Single mode and multimode fibre compatible
  • Management functions via Web page (http) and Telnet, SNMP monitoring


This 10-port Ethernet switch allows to concentrate signals from Ethernet links (IP cameras, subscriber CPE, …) over optical fibre.

The switch is equipped with 2 combo ports that is Gigabit Ethernet copper/optical ports for connection to the networks (WAN) and 8 x 100Base-BX ports.

The 8x 100Base-FX ports (2 optical fibres) or 100Base-BX ports (1 optical fibre), associated with IFOTEC media converters or access switches allow for example the concentration of simple and without contention IP video signals thanks to the Gigabit link .

Network access is ensured by SFP, Gigabit or Fast Ethernet optical modules —> Please consult our SFP range 

and 10/100/1000Base-TX copper ports. This enables to interconnect with any type of equipment.

The second Gigabit Ethernet port offers several possibilities:

  • Stacking cabinets to concentrate up to tens 100Base-BX Ethernet accesses
  • To connect to the network through Gigabit switches/routers

Compatible with all optical fibers

Transmission over 1 multimode optical fiber up to 5 km or single mode up to 10 km by the same module.
Transmission over 2 multimode optical fiber up to 5 km or single mode up to 30 km by the same module.

Optical connector : SC/PC

Housing and power supply

This equipment is available in 19’’ 1U rack with 85-260 VAC power supply integrated – Low power consumption (<15W).

Harsh environment

The product is designed to operate in harsh environment (-20 ° C to + 60 ° C). It can be installed in an outdoor cabinet neither heated nor refrigerated.

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  • 32 VLANs 802.1q
  • QinQ (double-tagging) : 802.1q et 802.1ad (configurable)
  • QoS : priority, DSCP,  VLAN priority (802.1p)
  • Rate limiting per port
  • Advanced management functions accessible via Web page (http) and Telnet, SNMP monitoring
  • Mise à jour des fichiers de configuration et firmware au démarrage du produit par DHCP
  • Configuration files and firmware updating when starting the product with DHCP protocol
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Product references
References Designation Optical fibre Qt.
HDDF35812S2TG8FX-IV1 Managed Gigabit/100Mbit/s switch -10 ports including 8 optical port 2 optical fibres
HXDF55812S2TG8FX-IV1 Managed Gigabit/100Mbit/s switch -10 ports including 8 optical port 1 optical fibre
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