• Secure Data transmission - Point to multipoint - Over ring optical fibre
  • Transmission over multimode or single-mode optical fibres by the same module
  • 1 bi-directional data, any configuration (RS232, RS422 or RS485)


HXDF-RR module enables one bidirectional point-to-multipoint data transmission over ring optical fibre to secure the communication.

The module has been designed specifically for networks where a central unit (master) communicates with stations (slaves) distributed on the loop.

  • Industrial networks
  • Electronically disturbed environment
  • Local area networks
  • Remote control

This equipmeent is available in stand-alone module version or in rack-mount version (7 TE) fully compatible with the 19”3U our 1U rack.

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  • Data communication over one optical fibre to ensure secure transmission, even in an electronically disturbed environment up to 50 km.
  • The fibre optic loop connection allows secure communication.
  • The modules are connected in repeater over the fibre, the length of the optical ring is limited only by the maximum distance between two equipments.
  • Indicators and alarm contacts ensure to quickly detect the presence of a fault on the optical loop.
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Mean features

  • Data communication by secure optical fibre. Single optical fibre.
  • Optical connector : SC/PC x 2
  • Data format transmission : RS232, RS422 and RS485 (Half/Full duplex).
  • Repeater connection on multimode or single mode optical fibre.
  • Data port protection: 30 kV in electrostatic discharge (ESD) and 3 k V in surge protection.
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Product and accesory references

Product references
Référence Désignation Fibre optique Boitier Alimentation Qt.
HXDF53836A-RR Ring-type repeater 1 bidirect. data Multimode/10 km or single-mode/50 km Stand-alone 9-36VDC
HXDF54830A-RR Ring-type repeater 1 bidirect. data Multimode/10 km or single-mode/50 km 7TE rack-mount housing 3U or 1U rack
Reference Designation Qt.
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FCAS220120 230 VAC/12 VDC converter- 1,25A - 15 W - DIN rail
KIT-RD-003 Kit rail Din - Plaque support + CLIPS + vis
FCTS170020-SU 19''3U rack for 7TE rackmount housing -12 slots - 230VAC
FCCS150220 19''1U rack for 7TE rackmount housing -3 slots - 230VAC
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