• 2 optical ports on SFP
  • 1 bi-directional data channel
  • 1 contact closure interface
  • 3 possible configurations: Point to point, repeater, secure ring
  • Small footprint box with rail DIN fixing
  • Power supply range extended from 9 to 60 VDC
  • Designed to operate in harsh environments (-40°C to + 75°C) and in electronically disturbed environments.


The RSData module enables an asynchronous serial data link to be transferred over an optical fibre according to different installation configurations by inserting one or two optical 100Mbps SFP modules : See our wide range of SFPs .

  • In point-to-point configuration, only two RSData modules are connected via fibre optics.
  • In a repeater configuration, data is propagated over all RSData modules connected in series by the
    fibre optics.
  • In the ring configuration, the link between the modules is maintained in case of an optical fibre breakage or equipment failure. The length of the optical ring is limited only by the maximum distance between two pieces of equipment.

Transparent, RSData has been designed to transmit a RS232, RS422, RS485, 2 or 4 wire signal.
The module is easy to configure by the user using external switches.
The transmission of a discrete signal allows the alarm to be raised from a remote equipment or to detect
quickly the presence of a fault on the optical link or on the optical loop (ring).

Visual indicators ensure simple operation and quick maintenance of the installation.


RSData also allows:

  • In point-to-point or repeater mode, a contact closure extention
  • In ring mode, the rapid detection of a fault on the optical loop

Housing and power supply

This equipment is available in a very compact individual housing. It can be laid flat or mounted on a DIN rail by means of an integrated fastening to the housing. This fixing can be repositioned by the user on 3 sides as desired.

Designed for harsh environments

  • -40°C to + 75°C

Compatibility old data range HXD series

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  • Datasheet
  • Installation guide
  • Othe documents and files available
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