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  • Download technical documents
  • Download Scan Product software
  • Technical questions
  • After-sales service feedback

Technical documents

User manuals and installation manuals

IFOTEC operating instructions and installation manuals are included with the products when sending any order. If you do not have these documents, you can download the instructions by indicating the product reference, serial number and date code via this application:

Download technical document 

If you cannot find the instructions for your product, please contact the IFOTEC Sales Department: Tel. 00 33 (0) 4 76 67 53 53

IFOTEC products on your network

Scan Product Software

In order to view IFOTEC products on your network, please download the software below:

Download Scan Product 

Technical questions

Please send your question by email here or contact us: Tel. 00 33 (0) 4 76 67 53 53.

Quality Returns

Your product is still under warranty

All materials supplied are guaranteed for a period of one to three years depending on the product type, this period being mentioned on the product data sheet. The guarantee is exercised according to an exchange principle or repair according to our general conditions of sale.

Your product is no longer under warranty

We do not assign an RMA number. You can send us directly the defective product accompanied by the SAV file (download below) explaining the problem and under what conditions.

Download SAV sheet (french version)

We thank you for including it with your package or for sending it to us at the email address below:

Return to IFOTEC Quality, write to us

According to our general conditions of sale, upon receipt of your product and in order to proceed to the repair evaluation, we will send you a quote for expertise expenses of an amount of 80 €. Your order for expertise will then allow us, after various tests, to define the possible dysfunction cause.
Once the expertise is done, we will send you a second quote for the actual repair costs.

Repair service adresse

ZAC de Champfeuillet Ouest
8 Route des Bois
38500 Voiron – FRANCE