We innovate for optical fibre networks

Specialising in links on physical layers close to the physical support, IFOTEC offers neutral and secure activation of optical fibre networks, making it possible for different operators to offer a wide range of uses that coexist on the same network.

ISO 9001 certified since 2003, the company has a team of around 20 people including electronic, optoelectronic, radiofrequency, Network and software engineers, most of whom work on R&D for the design of our technical solutions.

Thanks to this skill base, IFOTEC is recognised for its expertise in the following areas:


Transparent transmission

As designer and manufacturer of our own equipment, IFOTEC activates optical fibre networks by native signal transmission with complete neutrality: video, audio, data, contact closure, RF, xDSL, etc. And Ethernet level 2.

Multiplexing technology

IFOTEC ensures the secure sharing of optical fibres with expertise in TDM or FDM electronic multiplexing technologies and in CWDM or DWDM wavelength.



Security and supervision

Using firmware expertise, IFOTEC can also remotely check that equipment is functioning correctly and ensure the reliability of the command control functions.

Thanks to our software development expertise, IFOTEC can assist customers with projects ranging from the supervision of local networks to the remote management of sites and equipment on a regional scale.

Today, thanks to a range of expertise in electronic and optic hardware, firmware and control software, IFOTEC multiplies uses on optical fibre networks and can therefore predict the ‘smart territories’ of tomorrow.

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