IFOTEC is pursuing its development objective in West Africa by participating in the international Preventica in Senegal.
With a fibre optic network in full extension to cover all major regional cities, Senegal aims to strengthen its digital infrastructure. This international forum is a real opportunity to meet Senegalese companies looking for innovative solutions on fiber optics.


We will present equipment and solutions on fiber optic for the needs of operators in:

  • Creation or extension of analogue or IP video surveillance networks.
  • Security of the installations: Transmission high security over optical fibre
  • Securing sites, signage: access control, telemetry.
  • Radio and telecom services continuity: Broadcast, mobile networks, Satcom / satellite links, GNSS broadcast, radar signal offsets.
  • Digital spatial planning: Multiservice multi-operator activation of FTTx networks. Remote management of network nodes for FTTH and connected territories.
  • Centralized technical management over optical fibre networks (Energy, environment, access control, video surveillance, equipment management).

What makes us different?

  • Recognized reliability, IFOTEC equipment has been operating for 20 years.
  • A sharp technicality to adapt our solutions to your transmission needs.
  • A proven industrial process, ISO 9001 certified.
  • A commitment to safety to build tomorrow’s trusted networks.

What are our main references?

  • Defense, since 2001: direct supplier the DGA (French government defence procurement and technology agency).
  • Aeronautics, since 1999: Civil and military airports, supplier of the DGAC (French Air Navigation) since 2001.
  • Highways, since 2000: Video surveillance, regulation, emergency calls.
  • Cities, towns, urban communities since 1999.
  • Energie, since 2012, supplier of security solutions (SIL2) for EDF Hydro.