• CWDM wavelength transposition according to the grid defined by UIT-T
  • Access SFP choice for processing all types of digital signals up to 2700 Mbit / s
  • Signal repetition over long distances
  • Optical signal transposition for multimode / single mode fibre switching.


These products enable digital optical signals to be transposed to CWDM grid wavelengths defined by ITU-T recommendations. For the connection of applications to be transposed, the use of extractable SFP optical access modules allows the product to be adapted to the processing of all types of digital optical signals. For connection to an optical multiplexer, the use of colored multirate SFPs offers great flexibility in assigning wavelengths.

This equipment is available in European format cassette (For other case formats, please consult us).

Each device can process 2 pairs of bidirectional signals or 4 unidirectional signals.

Operating indicators are associated with the main functions of the product for rapid diagnosis.

To supervise the system, an IFOTEC ICDP 04R 00S-VDI  can be inserted in the same rack.

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Product and accesory references

For accessories see our SFP and power rack section

Product references
Reference Designation Housing/Power supply Qt.
CTZS 04L 000 Digital signal transponder for CWDM multiplexing Rack-mount housing/19''1U or 3U rack
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