• Optical receiver and coaxial distribution for VHF and UHF TV channels
  • Excellent sensitivity for a high sharing rate on the optical network
  • Excellent sensitivity to cover long distances
  • High RF output power
  • Power supply up to 4 cables of the same building


This module allows optical reception and TV channel coaxial broadcast of VHF-UHF bands.

It is available in small metal housing for easy installation in a local or a service duct building.

It is available with one or four coaxial cable starters.

Indicator and alarm contact allow safe operation and a quick diagnosis.

A supervision access, with SNMP or HTTP protocol, is available as an option (Contact us).

The module powered by a 230VAC power adapter or a 12VDC DC voltage.



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Product and accesory references

Product references
Reference Designation Qt.
FRCS31901A-UHF-4C Optical receiver housing for 4 coax in wallbox
Reference Designation Qt.
FCAS21010A-J Power supply converter - 0,7A - CNN Jack 2.1mm - Wall plug
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