French designer and manufacturer of optical fibre solutions

Since 1999 IFOTEC has been designing and manufacturing optical fibre transmission solutions and equipment for all types of signals: video, data, contact closure, audio, Ethernet, RF, etc.

We advise authorities, operators and manufacturers who wish to:

  • Improve the reliability and security of their transmissions
  • Enhance their optical fibre networks by pooling services and applications

We propose optimal solutions for applications such as:

  • Transport infrastructure (roads, motorways, tunnels, airports, ports and railways)
  • The security of at-risk sites (industry, energy production and defence)
  • Smart cities (video surveillance, traffic management, signalling, etc.)
  • High-speed and very high-speed broadband coverage of regions (up to Gbit/s) for companies and individuals
  • The Centralized Technical Management multi-applications on optical fibre networks (energy, environment,       access control, video surveillance, remote management of equipment)

IFOTEC, member and partner of

An association of academics and industrialists that initiates the development of new optical fibre applications.
Unites all the trades and expertise in optical fibre technology, very high-speed broadband networks and digital use.
This Defense, Safety and Security cluster combines technical expertise and thorough knowledge of the needs of the Defence market, making the French offer more coherent.
The federation of local authorities networks manufacturers (Féderation des Industriels des Réseaux d’Initiative PubliqueFIRIP) is the industry representative for France’s plan to fund very high-speed broadband, Mission France Très Haut Débit and promotes the impact of optical fibre deployment on the economy.
French Tech in the Alps
Its goal is to position the Alpine region as one of the major digital regions in France and Europe.

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