Dual Gigabit media converter

Did you know?

In the IFOTEC media converter range, ask for the rackmount format!
Ideal to group your transmissions in a rack, HNDF-2GE2GX allows to deport in a single box two IP equipments: space saving and mutualized price guaranteed.
Like all our products, choosing the HNDF-2GE2GX media converter ensures the reliability of industrial equipment that complies with current standards.

Product advantages

  • Fits everywhere: ports on SFP
  • Ideal for connecting 2 ip devices
  • Can be monitored via the rack
  • Tip! SFP ports configurable via Dipswitch
  • Gigabit but not only! 100Mbps too
  • Each port is independent
  • Rack mountable: 19″ 1U or 3U rack

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