• 2 Gigabit RJ45 ports
  • 2 Gigabit ports on SFP module
  • Optical SFP ports are configurable in Fast Ethernet (100Mbit/s) via dipswitch
  • Can be supervised via IFOTEC supervision module
  • Space saving, faster wiring, lower cost
  • Designed to work in a harsh environment


The hardened module allows the Ethernet conversion from electrical ports to optical SFP —> Please consult our SFP range 
or RJ45 ports and vice versa.

Each port is independently controlled.
The data transmitted on port n° 1 will not interfere with data port n° 2 and vice versa. Both ports are physically separate

The dual media converter is supervised by the 19” 1U or 3U rack backplane and the IFOTEC supervision module ref.  ICDP04R 00S-VDI.

Housing and power supply

Rack-mount housing (7TE) for IFOTEC power racks (one slot used). This equipment is easy to install and use.

Harsh environment

The product is designed to operate in harsh environments

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  • Datasheet
  • Installation guide
  • Othe documents and files available
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Product references
Reference Designation Function and fibre Qt.
HNDF04010A-2GE2GX Dual Gigabit Ethernet media converter - Rack-mount housing version
Reference Designation Qt.
FCTS170020-SU 19''3U rack for 7TE rack-mount housing -12 slots - 230VAC
R19''1U rack for 7TE rack-mount housing -3 slots - 230VAC
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