Do you have several analogue cameras to deport ? Save your optical fibres with our new multi-channel video range

For the creation or extension of your video surveillance networks over optical fibre, IFOTEC offers you to transfer all the signals from your analogue cameras over a single optical fibre!

Our solutions: For your fixed or mobile cameras, only one device

The HXQ-4V2D-VB and HXQ-8V2D-VB series carry all the signals necessary for the operation of 4 or 8 fixed, mobile cameras, PTZ cameras or domes over a single optical fibre. The HXQE transmitter multiplexes up to 8 video, 2 identical bidirectional data and a digital alarm on a fiber optic. The HXQR receiver demultiplexes these signals.

This new range is perfectly compatible with the previous HMV-xV and HXQ-xV2D ranges.

For more cameras extension, thanks to CWDM multiplexing, it is possible to insert on a network up to 8 video and data devices on a single optical fibre.

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