• Power and supervise 8 RF transmission modules
  • 2 redundant plug-in power supplies 10 TE
  • 1 centralized supervision module in option


The 19’’ 3U rack can house, power and supervise up to 8 IFOTEC RF transmission modules (7 TE size) only compatible with this rack part-number.

The transmission modules and the 2 power supply modules are plugged in the rack on the front panel.

A slot is reserved to accommodate a supervision module. It makes it possible to control the operation of the modules and to access the adjustment parameters.

Connections and power supply are on back panel. Alarm contacts free of potential are set up for each rack-mount module.

FCTO rack is installed into a 19 inches cabinet.

This rack has been designed specifically for centralized Radio frequency modules.

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Main features

This equipment is perfectly suited for:

  • Centralization of RF transmission modules
  • Slots for 8 RF / fibre function modules, 7 TE. RF access and fiber on front panel
  • Slots for 2 redundant 10 TE power cassettes. Feeding access on the front side.
  • Slot for a centralized ICDP 04R 00S-RF supervision module
  • Alarm contacts on back panel for RF, power and monitoring modules
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Product and accesory references

Product references
Reference Designation Power supply Qt.
FCTO07110S-RF 19''3U rack for RF/Fibre applications - 8 7TE slots FCKS or FCKM modules to add
Reference Designation Power supply Qt.
FCKS20320S-RF Power supply for FCTO rack and RF/Fibre applications 230VAC
FCKM40320S-RF Power supply for FCTO rack and RF/Fibre applications 48VDC
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