• Modular system consisting of rackmount modules
  • Module with 16 unidirectional CC Inputs
  • Module with 16 unidirectional CC Outputs
  • Module with the functions of central unit and optical communication
  • Up to 28 CC over one optical fibre
  • Rack supervision by the RJ45 Ethernet access of the central unit


Combined with modules of central unit and optical communication and integrated into IFOTEC racks, these products can be used to transmit up to 128 channels CC over a single optical fibre.

  • Transmission up to 10 km over multimode fibre or up to 50 km over single-mode fibre by the same optical communication central units.
  • Optical connector: SC/PC

Depending on its reference, each HMTE / HMTR-16T Contact Closure module has:

  • 16 Current loop CC inputs.
  • 16 CC outputs by OptoFET transistors.

The associated module of central unit and optical communication allows:

  • Collection and transmission of information of TOR lines by the back panel.
  • Transmission and multiplexing of information over fibre in both directions.
  • Optical reception and information demultiplexing.
  • Rack supervision by web page with RJ45 Ethernet access.
  • Management of two configurable alarm contacts.

This equiment is well adapted for access control, alarm control, to automata,…

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Product and accesory references

Product references
Reference Dsignation Qt.
HMTE04080A-16T-VB Module 16 opto-isolated CC inputs, closed loop current
HMTR04080A-16T-VB Module 16 opto-isolated CC outputs on MOSFET transistors
HMDF34810S-002 Tx1310nm/Rx1550nm - Central and optical communication unit
HMDF54810S-002 Tx1550nm/Rx1310nm - Central and optical communication unit
Reference Designation Qt.
FCTS170020-SU Rack d'alimentation 19''3U - 12 slots 7TE ou 6 slots 14TE - Alim. 115/230 VAC
FCCS150220 Rack modulaire 19''1U VDI - 1 à 3 cassettes 7TE en FAV - Alim. 230 VAC
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