• 2 serial links extension over copper
  • Dry loop extension by IP network
  • Switch with 2 x 10/100Base-Tx ports


Les serveurs de ports série IPDP IFOTEC permettent de connecter deux ports série et une boucle sèche à un réseau LAN Ethernet 10/100Base-TX ou d’utiliser le support du réseau LAN pour déporter les ports séries et les boucles sèches.

The IFOTEC IPDP serial port server allows to connect 2 serial ports and 1 dry loop to a 10/100 Base-TX Ethernet LAN or to use the LAN for serial ports extension and dry loop extension.

IPDP series allows to:

  • Connect applications with serial port access over an Ethernet network.
  • Build a twisted pair or fibre optic Ethernet Network with access points for serial port applications.
  • Configuration via web page for each port.
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Mean features

  • Ethernet switch : 2 RJ45 10/100Base-TX ports.
  • 2 independent serial ports : RS232 (with or without RTS/CTS managment) / RS422 / RS485 (2 or 4 wires) or 1 RS232 V24 (RTS/CTS/DCD/DSR) serial port.
  • 1  Contact Closure input and 1 Contact Closure output.
  • Connection by TCP socket TCP, telnet oR from product to product.
  • Management by Web server and SNMP.
  • Data port protection: 30 kV in electrostatic discharge (ESD) and 3 k V in surge protection.
  • Stand-alone housing compatible with DIN rail mouting.
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  • Datasheet
  • Installation guide
  • Othe documents and files available
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Product and accesory references

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Product references
Reference Designation Housing Power supply Qt.
IPDP03R36A-2D-1T Port Server Stand-alone 9-36VDC
IPDP04R30A-2D-1T Port Server 14TE rackmount housing 3U rack
References Designation Qt.
FCAS210100-VB 230 VAC/12 VDC converter - 1A- 12W - Wall plug
FCAS220120-VB 230 VAC/12 VDC converter- 1,25A - 15 W - DIN rail
KIT-RD-003 DIN rail mounting kit
FCTS170020-SU 19''3U rack for 7TE rackmount housing -12 slots - 230VAC
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