French local authoriy of Voiron
Optical fibre access at a competitive price for businesses, local authorities/Telecom ( Very high speed FTTx / Activation of business parks)
1000 businesses spread over 30 business parks

The problem

The French local authority of Voiron had connected business parks via optical fibre through the local authority network (Pays Voironnai Numérique – PVN) but the cost of access was prohibitive for SMEs.

The aim:
To provide its members with professional optical fibre services in a price range of €80 to €300 per month instead of €600 to €1,000,

The potential:
30 business parks.

In order to achieve this goal, the new PVNum (Pays Voironnais Numérique), supported by the Voiron authority and its very high-speed Broadband body, called upon IFOTEC’s expertise in the neutral activation of optical fibre networks to bring very high-speed broadband access to the region’s businesses,


The solution

IFOTEC developed a shared neutral activation solution which, from a single point of access, allows operators (local or remote) in the region to supply each of the companies in each of the business parks served with optical fibre.

This entails:

  • Installing a switch at the operator access point (POP) that is capable of creating a neutral link between the different service operators (installed locally or remotely) and the business parks to be served.
  • Installing an optical switch connected to POP by a self-healing optical ring and connected to each of the businesses in the zone at the business park’s shared access point where the connection between the optical fibres of the different operators is made.
    Installing an access module (CPE) in each company premises, allowing neutral access to all services from all operators present in the region.

A tailored solution for the PVnum project

This tailored solution for the PVnum project activates the optical fibre connection of each company to enable them to:

  • Subscribe to the ISP services of their choice
  • Benefit from the hosting of a nearby data centre located in the same region.
  • Ensure the maintenance of this network in operational condition, thanks to the IFONET supervision software which controls the equipment and the quality of the optical links.

Customer benefits


Immediate benefits

The deployment of an optical fibre network and competitive offers on all business parks in the Voiron area.

All premises or offices of eligible companies can receive optical fibre

improved return on investment for the Voiron authority’s high-speed optical fibre broadband infrastructure.

Economic zones in the Voiron area are more attractive to internet service providers with:

The provision of optical fibre links to connect businesses

The possibility of offering their services without upfront investment

Premium services are finally accessible to Voiron businesses. Optical fibre internet deals are offered at less than €100 per month for 24 Mb/s symmetrical (5 guaranteed).

Property owners make a capital gain on their premises with a fibre connection.

A vector of development, very high-speed optical fibre broadband access is an undeniable asset for the maintenance and development of activities and to attract newcomers.

PVNum’s objective is to connect 600 companies and activate between 250 and 300 links by the end of 2017. An annual increase of 10% is expected thereafter.


A scalable solution

The solution can support other current or future services within the authority’s remit, such as video surveillance, access control, WiFi coverage, remote facility management, remote public lighting control and remote meter reading, making it one of the first ‘smart territories’.

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