IFOTEC’s commitments

Environmental conservation is an important commitment for IFOTEC. Being a company that manufactures electronic products, IFOTEC is focused on an eco-responsible approach. The major axes of this approach are :

    1. The eco-design of our products and the respect of regulatory requirements.

    1. The eco-responsibility of our packaging

    1. The optimisation of sorting and the reuse of our waste.

Small gestures at IFOTEC, a big step for the planet !

1. Eco-design products

At IFOTEC, we design products that last the longest possible. We are aware of our environment’s fragility and its needs. Our R&D engineers optimise the housings of our products in order to keep the electronic boards at the most suitable temperature. For the INet range, for example : the housing is made of white-painted aluminium, which combines excellent thermal conductivity with emission (infrared emission and reception). In addition the housing has openings to facilitate natural convection of the products.

Our housings dissipate thermal energy and therefore increase their lifespan. Indeed, the less the product heats up, the longer the components last. This environmental awareness is present in all our products developments, right through to manufacture.

Our eco-design Gigabit Ethernet switch : INet 6+
Example : INet6+ Gigabit Ethernet PoE+ switch housing

2. Eco-responsible packagings

At IFOTEC, the packaging of our products is designed to have the least impact on our environment while ensuring the safety of our shipments. The same packaging can be used for different product sizes. Conservation of our resources is a fundamental commitment, and that’s why our packagings are made from recyclable cardboard.

For example, using individual packaging in recyclable cardboard for our Ethernet products doesn’t only recycle our waste, but also participates to reduce deforestation and saves other resources such as water and the necessary energy to manufacture them.

Our eco-responsible packaging for different product sizes
Example : Mini Giga PoE++ 90W packaging

3. Optimisation of the life cycle of our electronic products

Our commitment continues throughout the life cycle of our products. For example, the pieces of our products are easy to dismantle, and consequently easy to repair. As a result, their lifespan is extended. And once a product has reached the end of its life, IFOTEC has optimised its disassembly to enable the product to be recycled more effectively, by separating the electronic board from the housing. We try to reuse as much of our waste as possible, because eco-responsibility is a priority.

The integration of environmental criteria must be at the heart of every company approach. Designing our products with ecological criteria, preventing pollution and limiting the ecological impact of our activities, are all part of our fundamental commitments.

Optimisation of the life cycle of our electronic products, Mini Giga PoE++ 90W example
Example : recycling of the Mini Giga PoE++ 90W

For more informations on our eco-responsible approaches, follow us on IFOTEC’s LinkedIn page.