• 4 Gigabit RJ45 PoE + PSE ( IEEE 802.3af et 802.3at standard) 4x35W ports
  • 2 Gigabit optical ports for SFP modules, 100Mbps compatible
  • Ethernet controlled and isolated digital input and output
  • Manageable level 2 equipment
  • Secure management interface (HTTPS, SNMP V3, SSH V2)
  • Controlled network access (IEEE 802.1X protocol, radius authentication)
  • VLAN configuration and QoS management
  • Small-footprint housing
  • Switch power supply : 9VDC to 60VDC. If PoE used : 48 to 57VDC (54VDC nominal) power supply
  • Designed to operate in a harsh environment


INet6 + is a secure 6-port manageable industrial Gigabit Ethernet switch:

This product allows to build an optical chain or ring network (depending on the network architecture, please consult us) to connect from 1 to 4 IP devices on each switch.

Integrated functionalities

Power over Ethernet

Each RJ45 PoE port PSE type (Power Supply Equipment) can provide up to 35W to PoE equipment PD type (Powered Device). The power to the PoE+ Ethernet ports can be managed by software supervision.

The INet6+ PoE+ switch has features to secure equipment installations:

  • An alarm can be activated on each of the PoE ports to report a lack of power.
  • The Ping Watchdog function allows the PoE power to be restarted to a device that is no longer responding
    and notified in the event log of the Ethernet switch.
  • The intelligent scheduling feature of the Ethernet switch allows you to set time slots for PoE operation
    PoE for each port allowing better power management of the infrastructure.
  • The PoE class limitation function per port ensures maximum power consumption of the installation.

Ethernet controlled and isolated digital input and output

  • Isolated input and output to signal a door opening for example
  • Feedback of the input contact state change and the output contact configuration on the HTTPS web page


  • Each port can be controlled independently, relying on Ethernet Level 2 (VLAN) functions.
  • The various management protocols allow secure remote access to the status and
    product configuration.
  • The web-based configuration interface is intuitive and easy to use, allowing you to get started quickly.

Housing and power supply

This equipment is available in a small size stand-alone housing. A fixing for DIN rail mounting is available in option.

Regarding its power supply, the switch operates from 14VDC to 60VDC. If PoE is used, 48 to 57VDC (54VDC nominal) power is required.

Harsh environment

The product is designed to operate in a severe environment (- 20 ° C to + 60 ° C).

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  • Datasheet
  • Installation guide
  • Othe documents and files available
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INET-4GP2GF-AS-001 PoE+ managed Gigabit Ethernet switch - 4 PoE ports to 2 SFP ports Depending on SFP used
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FCAS224320 48VDC 3,2A 150W - External converter - Mean Well ref. HDR-150-48
KIT-RD-008 DIN rail mounting kit
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