• 115 or 230 VAC power supply
  • Power up 12 rack-mount modules with 7TE size
  • Rack-mount housing with optical inputs / outputs on the front panel
  • Compatible with management function


The 19’’ 3U rack FCTS170020-SU can house and power up to 12 rack-mount modules (7 TE size) or 6 rack-mount modules (14TE).
Modules are to be plugged in the rack (on the front side). Power connection and switch are on the back side. FCTS rack is to be installed into a 19 inches cabinet.

This equipment is perfectly suited for the centralization of several transmission modules in a rack.

This equipment can power all IFOTEC rack-mount models (transmitter, receiver, multiplexer) for all applications (video, data, audio… transmission).
Upon request, the rack FCTS170020-SU can receive a complementary supervision function thanks to an additional rack-mount module.

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Reference Designation Power supply Qt.
FCTS170020-SU 19''3U rack for 7TE rack-mount housing -12 slots - 230VAC 230VAC
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