• The smallest housing on the market
  • Compliant with IEEE 802.3at PoE+ (<35W) and IEEE802.3af PoE standards
  • PSE function (Power Sourcing Equipment)
  • Provides power to devices (Powered Device/PDs) over Ethernet cable
  • Transmission over multimode or singlemode fiber by the same module
  • Designed to operate in harsh environment


This media converter module allows a 10Base-T and 100Base-TX  Ethernet signal conversion

  • 100Base-Bx for transmission over 1 optical fibre
  • 100Base-Fx for transmission on 2 optical fibres

This module is also used for supplying the device connected to the cable.

  • 10/100 Mbit/s transmission speed (auto-negotiated)
  • Half and full-duplex modes
  • SC / PC optical connector

Compatible with all optical fibres

  • Transmission over 1 multimode or singlemode optical fiber up to 10 km by the same module
  • Transmission over 2 multimode optical fibers up to 10 km or singlemode up to 30 km by the same module

Easy to install and use

  • Its miniature housing allows it to be easily integrated, for example in a camera housing or dome (CCTV application).
  • The RJ45 and optical ports are located on the same side for easy connection of the module.
    The operating LED grouping on the front side allows a quick diagnosis of the module status.
  • This equipment is compatible with major manufacturers in the market other than IFOTEC.

Power supply

  • Nominal 54 VDC power supply
  • Very low power consumption: 2W max + power to be supplied to the connected PD equipment (35 W max)

Harsh environment

The product is designed to operate in harsh environment (-20 ° C to + 60 ° C).

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This module has been designed specifically for:

  • IP camera
  • Industrial networks, connection of automata
  • Ethernet networks extension…


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  • Datasheet
  • Installation guide
  • Other technical documents and files available
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Data sheet

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Product references
Reference Designation Optical fibre Power supply Qt.
HDDF31814A-POE PoE+ Ethernet media converter -TX 1310nm 2 fibres optiques 54 VDC
HXDF31814A-POE PoE+ Ethernet media converter -TX 1310nm /RX 1550nm 1 optical fibre 54 VDC
Reference Designation Qt.
FCAS224020 230 VAC/ 54 VDC converter - 0,83A - 40W - DIN rail housing
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